WaterAid Tanzania contracted DataVision Int’l to conduct Baseline and Endline Survey on Improvement of Hygiene Behaviour

DataVision Int. has been awarded to conduct a baseline and endline study for the Improvement of the hygiene behavior in schools and health care facilities in Tanzania for WaterAid funded by JICA.

Where the school survey designed to understand the characteristics of students and their broader hygiene aspects, and to understand the current state of health and daily routines in Health care facilities.

This project is being conducted in three countries: Tanzania, Nepal and Madagascar.

As one of the first activities for DataVision Int. was the Pre-Test survey, which aimed to measure the functionality of Baseline tools in schools and Health care facilities.

The Pre-Test was done at Chanzige A Primary School, Kiluvya B Primary Schools and Kiluvya Dispensary located in Kisarawe District of the Coastal region.

Hence DataVision Int’l. recruited number of enumerators for 4 days to undertake the Pre-Test survey and to ensure that tools are effective and efficiency for baseline survey.