Water & Sanitation: How can Technology Help?

The presence of clean and reliable sources of water is still a huge challenge in developing countries. A substantial amount of people in both rural and urban areas aren’t able to receive clean water from the dedicated institutions. People have to travel long distances (up to 3Miles) to fetch water from natural sources which do not offer water for human consumption.

Such phenomenon leads to a large number of people suffering from epidemic diseases such as Cholera causing high rate of mortality among children. Without Private Entities, Public Entities, NGOs and Donor companies taking action on this, it is projected that by 2020 as many as 135 Million people will die from water-related diseases. (Source: www.africaneeds.org)

At DataVision, we are always thinking of how we can make use of our expertise to solve the Real World Problems and touch everybody’s lives. Our consultants are thinking on ways which we can deploy the power of technology to reach people from both rural and urban areas regarding the hardships of getting reliable sources of water.

The responsible institutions also need to undertake intensive Business Process Improvement (BPI) to boost their efficiency and productivity. The processes in most of these institutions are highly manual making it even more difficult to reach out to all the public in the required time leading to failure to deliver.