Touching Lives Everyday “Tuko Pamoja” Campaign

The date 16th March 2017 marks a memorable day in our Corporate Social Responsibility Events as it is the day where one of our fellow Tanzanian – a 16 Year Old girl – Mariam arrived back from India for intestinal treatment which took aover 3 Months

The management and staff of DataVision International were deeply touched after hearing Mariam’s story – who has undergone 10 intestinal surgeries with no success of treating the blockages. The management decided to become actively involved in the “Tuko Pamoja – Okoa Maisha ya Mariam” campaign by Dar24 Media which urged Tanzanians and companies to donate for the treatment of the little girl in India.

DataVision International set aside some funds to make sure that we save Mariam’s life who has been suffering for over 5 years without any hope. At the airport – DataVision International representative said that, “We are here today very happy to see MAriam after a 3-Month treatment in India. As you can see she is back in a good health and we are very happy to be part of this campaign”

See Mariam’s arrival video by clicking here.