Data Verification of the PbR Scheme in the Rural Tanzania

The Independent Data Verification of the PbR Scheme in the Rural Water Sub-sector in Tanzania was initiated back in 2018 with the Data Verification Service Provider (DVSP), a consortium including ECORYS UK, IWEL, Aquaconsult, WEMA Consult and DataVision International, undertake independent verification of the data reported by the LGAs to the Central Data Management Team (CDMT) at the Ministry of Water (MoW).

This independent data verification service is funded by FCDO and results in the Payment by Results (PbR) scheme in Tanzania’s rural water sub-sector.

During the current final Phase Six, DataVision verifies 10,000 water points all over Tanzania Mainland with the support of 45 data collectors in the field, whereby they collect data about functionality of Water Points and the accuracy of the national existing data.

Collecting high-quality data will only be possible if enough time is allowed to train the supervisors and enumerators thoroughly. During one week training, one of the priorities in DataVision’s services, almost 50 experienced enumerators have been trained for the fieldwork under Covid-19 preventive measures.

Part of training workshop was also the pilot study, the final rehearsal for the fieldwork. It is used to test that all procedures work smoothly and that all protocols are understood and followed in the field.