The fact stated above is based on the experience obtained following vigorous testing of tradition approaches of paper data collection & manual data entry and the application of technological approach. More significantly, the time taken for the manual data entry process is completed eliminated hence reducing costs and making findings to be more timely available.

What is Tikiti?

Tikiti App is a simultaneous data capture and data entry android based tool that was developed by DataVision International to implement Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) using mobile devices such as computer tablets and smartphones . Being in the Research and Data Collection industry for over 15 years, Tikiti is an outcome of a lengthy research and development initiatives in devising new methods of collecting data using new emerging technologies as well as long time challenges that DataVision faced in paper base data collection and manual data entry approaches.

Uses of a Tikiti?

Tikiti enables field researchers to capture, enter and send data and information to our dedicated DataVision Data Server (DDS) to enable real time data and information sharing and analysis globally through a dedicated web-interface. By combining data capture and entry coupled with application’s built in automated consistency and validation checks, the human errors in the entire process cycle of capture and entry are reduced by more than 99%.

Capture and Enter Data Simultaneously

Tikiti enables easy capturing and entering of data simultaneously via multiple channels: Text, Audio and Video.

Automated skip and logic patterns

Clients are able to implement logic patterns within the questionnaires to enable intelligent and automated skip depending on the questions.

Built-in validation check

Tikiti offers the clients an in-built validation check for the elements within the questionnaires to maximize data reliability.

Downloading new/ updated questionnaires

Tikiti offers the flexibility for the field assessors to be able to download new and updated questionnaire version via the app.

What are the benefits of Tikiti?

Online and Offline Access

No Internet – No Problem! Tikiti allows to store data in the android devices and  conduct future uploading when there is connectivity.

Login Credential Requirement

All the data collectors have unique Login Credentials which are highly secured to ensure data protection.

APK Version Access

Tikiti has a dedicated APK version which can only be shared with the project members and data collectors.

Real-time Data M&E

Tikiti allows the stakeholders to be able to monitor and evaluate the data collection process as the project is in progress.

Limited internet Algorithms 

Tikiti is developed with Data Upload Algorithms which enable maximum utilization in areas with limited internet connectivity.