Think Digital: Marketing and Promotions Agencies’ Survival Tool

Modern companies are striving to reach their target audience in the most direct way, and only billboards, radios and TV have proven not to suffice this need. Marketing and Advertising Agencies need to offer a better package to their clients in order to meet these advanced needs.

CEOs of today need “2-Way Communication” with their clientele. This is not the era of just a brand throwing out their message to the public and wait for them to buy. With a high level of competition, companies are striving to know more about their parents as soon as possible before they easily switch to a different brand.

As internet penetration is still lagging in developing countries, Mobile phones have shown a major rise. With a higher number of people using these devices, they set to be the most effective channel with which campaign ideas can be built around in many years to come.

With a perfect mobile campaign to support the traditional method of marketing, advertisers get the chance to know more about their actual market using the reports of the mobile interactive platforms. Such platforms offer more insights of the database of the people who favor their product and service.

Businesses of today look more on knowing more about their actual clients in the lines of gender, age group, behavior and some other attributes. This can be achieved by only having a platform that can interact with their clients and gather their mobile numbers.

Having an in-depth understanding of your clients can provide you a competitive advantage over competitors by being able to tailor products and services to fit the exact need of their clients.

With this dynamic change, marketing and advertising agencies are supposed to have a technical capability either in-house or by outsourcing it to a technical partner. The technical partners are responsible of ensuring the implemented platform provide the insights to help CEOs make accurate decision on how to achieve a winning product mix.

Such an initiative can provide these marketing and promotions agencies in developing countries an enhanced capability to offer a wider range of innovative campaign ideas that removes the boundary between traditional and digital marketing.