Mobile devices are continuously climbing up to the top of the most compulsory device a modern human being needs to have. With this rapid change, mobile devices are the most important communication routes cutting down the space and time barriers. Having technology tools that can simplify such communication is crucial to become more efficient and result-driven whether in an individual or a corporate set up.

What is SMS Mtandao?

SMS Mtandao is an online Bulk SMS platform used to send text messages from any internet connected PC/Notebook to over 500 networks in over 150 countries worldwide, anytime. SMS Mtandao provides a reliable and affordable way to push your messages to your contacts.

SMS Mtandao as a powerful SMS tool supports both one-to-one and bulk messages sending to thousands in a more efficient manner. SMS Mtandao will add value to your interaction approach,while save costs, and save time compared to the traditional approach to send bulk messages. Purchase SMS credits online here and start ‘texting’ your customers, patients, students and anyone with whom you need to stay in contact.

Features of SMS Mtandao?

Personalized Message

SMS Mtandao enables brands to get known by enabling them to use SenderID of their choice while sending messages to the audience.

SMS Scheduling

The Scheduling capability allows our clients to pick a date and time in the future where they want their messages to be sent.

Manage SMS Contacts

SMS Mtandao offers the easiest approach of managing your contacts by enabling you to group them and move them to different groups if needed.

Delivery Tracking

Ability to send bulk messages is one thing, we pushed it one step further and our service has the capability to know the number of messages which have been successfully delivered.

Batch Contacts Upload

For users with a big database, SMS Mtandao offers an excel upload capability enabling our clients to upload contacts in large batches.

Message History

Users can track the delivery rate of the messages sent out in the reports module.

SMS Templates

 With this feature, you can save your most frequently used message templates and re-use it in the future. No need to re-type


For clients with a database of numbers who would not want to import the contacts can send the messages straight from the file  via File2SMS.


Our SMS Mtandao can Be Easly Customized to Fit any Requirements From Our Corporate Customers.

Admin Account

All Our Clients who Buy More Than 100,000 SMS Get an Admin Account which allows Sub-users Creation and SMS Bundle Allocation or Reselling.


How do i top up my account

SMS Mtandao account can be topped up using M-Lipa platform via Vodacom M-Pesa, Airtel Money and Tigo PESA. The payment business number is: 400700 and the reference number is your SMS Mtandao Account Number.

What happens if i forgot my password?

If you have forgotten your password click the link “Forgot Password” on the login screen to reset your password.

Do i need to install SMS Mtandao in my computer?

No, SMS Mtandao is an online solution which can be accessed via a browser.

My account dashboard is misssing some of the functionlities?

This can sometimes depend on the browser you are using, please try a different browser. If the problem still exists contact our support team.

Can i get feedback from my audience using SMS Mtandao?

Yes, SMS Mtandao has an SMS Inbound section which can enable your audience to reply to your message using a dedicated number and keyword.

Can i send messages outside Tanzania?

SMS Mtandao can send messages to any country. To add more countries to your account contact our support team.

Can i integrate SMS Mtandao to my existing solution?

Yes, SMS Mtandao can be integrated to any system using user friendly APIs.

Does my balance expire after a periody of inactivity?

No, your balance doesn’t expire. However we advise our clients to keep the account active as SMS Mtandao deactivates the dormant users.

SMS Mtandao has allowed us to be close to our clients by informing them our offers and new deals up for grabs.

Butiku ErassiReal Burger

SMS Mtandao has helped us to notify our clients on critical issues regarding security instantly straight to their mobile devices. It is surely a Win-Win Soution for any entity.

Josh MiranjiID Cards Solution

With SMS Mtandao, we are now able to inform our members all over Tanzania about their collection instantly.

Abas CorthermaNSSF