Six Pillars of a Winning Team: Realize your project’s objectives

Any project’s success comes down to one thing – The Team. How do you know that you have an A-Team for your project? And if not, how do you make sure you don’t go too far with wrong team member(s). For a Project Manager/ Team Leader to succeed it is highly critical that the team chosen brings about the capability to execute and carry out Consultancy and Product Innovation projects.

In projects, a wrong team member(s) can hinder the project’s objectives and depending on the criticality of the projects can lead to loss of investments by failing to compete in the market and realizing the ROI within the time limits and deadlines. If not taken the right action, such phenomenon can even lead to the demise of the company.

A winning team is required to have the following pillars:

One Direction; One Goal Team leader should clearly elaborate to the team members the direction and the objectives of the whole project from the beginning. Although there might be some un-anticipated events over the course of the project which can bring about emergent plans but the team should be able have a common objectives on the project’s end result.

Commitment Team members should be committed their assigned tasks at all times. Since the project is collection of small workloads assigned to different team members, it is crucial for each of them to be committed to deliver their piece of the puzzle within the specified time lines.

Communication To achieve any project’s objectives, it is of a high importance to assure that any issue raised is communicated across in an efficient and timely manner. Failure to communicate on all the issues relating to the project can lead to unforeseen obstacles which could have been managed only if they could have been communicated earlier to the rest of the team.

Empowerment and Celebratory Attitude Team members should be able to empower each other to keep pushing in order to achieve the collective objective. The failure of one team member to have the same vision as the rest maybe due to his assigned task complexity can totally mess the deadlines and eventually the whole project.

Celebration no matter how small it is plays a big part in the team members seeing the viability of the project’s objective. If you want to enroll new clients, celebrate every time the deal is closed even by clapping to the sales person. It can seem like a minor thing, but the team leader should be able to steer excitement and a winning spirit in all the team members.

Empowerment and effort recognition plays a big role in raising the team members’ morale in achieving the project’s common goal. It is the Team Leader’s responsibility to recognize the effort by his/ her team members and explicitly express gratitude.

Contribution A winning team requires a high level of contribution and innovation to further strengthen the objective of the team. The continuous contributions from each team member can come about from the personal experience or knowledge. A winning team normally has brainstorming session after short period of times to ensure that any relevant information is captured.

Trust Team members should be able to trust that each of them will do the right thing for their project’s future. Trust is one of the strongest pillars of winning team. With trust, each team member believes that all the others will deliver what is expected of them.

The team leader should be able to efficiently portray element of Trust upon the team members and eradicate any element of doubt. Once the team members have trust in each other it instills a level responsibility in every team member to realize how much trust the rest of the team has on him and the part he plays in the project puzzle.

With over 15 years of industry experience and thousands of projects with unique requirements and objectives, consultants and leaders at DataVision International have gathered that the above six pillars of the winning team can bring about the exact expectations of the project stakeholders at all times.