SACCOS Plus: Microfinance solution towards cutting costs

Now Microfinance Institutions and SACCOS groups have a reliable solutions towards efficiently managing their operations and greatly cutting costs/ overheads. SACCOS Plus, an application from DataVision International capturing all the processes within the microfinance institutions offers a high level of flexibility in operating your institution.

With the power to undertake an account set up that has exhausted all the features of different Microfinance and SACCOS groups, SACCOS has proven to be the ultimate solution which conquers rigidity and can be used by any microfinance institution.

The power to produce useful reports to different stakeholders about their current status also puts an innovation gap in SACCOS Plus. Eliminating high level of paper work within the institutional operations allowing different departments to seamlessly communicate data back and forth, managers can now have a snapshot of the performance of their institutions in few minutes.

Automatic SMS alerts upon any transaction carried out by a member, e.g. Loan, and helps members to review the communication in case of any doubt or errors. Users can query information about their status, knowing their number of shares, amount of contribution and other related information.

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