Over 10,000 Cards issued to Yanga and Simba football fans under the TPB Popote Project

ID Cards Solutions/ DataVision International are in a continuing project under the Tanzania Postal Bank’s (TPB) TPB Popote Initiation to issue cards to the loyal fans of Simba SC and Yanga FC. TPB Popote Football Fan Cards are meant to make loyal fans feel more part of the team while be able to make the most of the card by doing transactions, money transfers, money deposits with the same card.

Until now ID Cards Solutions/ DataVision International have already issued over 10,000 Cards to the two teams which are personalized and ready to be used for banking purposes.

To ID Cards/ DataVision this is yet another milestone within the field of Security, Card Personalization and Identification which is facing a range of challenges in the areas of Quality and Data Management.

However with the right experience from working with other banks and related institution on the same lines of work, ID Cards/ DataVision exudes a high level of professionalism and expertise in such projects assuring delivery of the intended product.