Our Research and Statistics team is in Zanzibar!

DataVision International through RTI international is currently in Zanzibar for a duration of three months, implementing field activity as part the pilot study for the UNICEF Life Skills Education project.

Recent economic, environmental, and social changes show that a “basic education (reading and mathematics)” is inadequate to prepare children for all future challenges that they will face in school, in work, and in their lives. It is in light of such challenges that UNICEF through this project aims to  reassess the scope of life skills covered by the 2008 national framework and revised curricula, and to ascertain the effectiveness of instructional approaches for imparting life skills to young children and youth.

These types of life skills are such as problem-solving, critical thinking, perseverance, self-discipline and impulse control, time management, orderliness, teamwork, communication, and the ability to make healthy choices, among others—will have to be included as part of the overall approach.

DataVision is honored to be part of such a life changing project that will equip learners with skills that may be very useful throughout their entire lives. Our activities in the project include moderating the adaption of the concept to local context, coordinating and leading data collection efforts, and provide data management services.

In its entirety, it involves organizing and moderating stakeholders’ technical and adaption-to-local context, managing the assessor training, providing ground support, organizing and selection of sampled schools, field logistics; provide linkage between Government and all other stakeholders, and undertake actual child & teacher assessment phases.