Open Government Partnership Why technology and innovation are critical elements in OGP

In 2011, Tanzania signed the Open Government Partnership (OGP) aiming at achieving the element of accountability and transparency in the public service delivery projects in the critical factors which have direct impact on the economy development. In a nutshell, The Open Government Partnership (OGP) is a global initiative that aims at promoting transparency, accountability, citizen empowerment, fighting corruption and encouraging the use of new technologies to improve governance.

OGP in Tanzania is built on key pillars of good governance which are transparency, citizen participation, accountability, technology and innovation.

However, the most dependent part on the success of this is the Technology and Innovation element of the OGP.  Implementing and innovating of the right technology tools assures the achievement of a higher level of data awareness to the citizens fostering their direct involvement.

Accurate choice of technology and innovation to distribute and disseminate information to the public is definitely one of the key elements in boosting development in the most critical sectors within developing states across the world. With the easiness of availability and accessibility of data in an open approach (Open Data Policy) drives political leaders and other stakeholders to be accountable and push for change for the public good.

Governments in developing countries need to take action to implement and promote the easiness of accessibility of reliable data and information to the public.

With the presence of institutions and agencies that have reliable information about country’s critical sectors, the missing part is the innovation and technology to achieve the process of the public’s capability to access the information in a well comprehensible manner through visual dashboards and linking it with ubiquitous technologies such as mobile devices, social media and sector websites for it to be accessible to the public.

The presence of well comprehensible dashboards on public sectors brings about citizen participation on the issues that are critical and should be handled by the public administration accordingly.

Technology and Innovation plays a vital role in assuring the information reaches the public in the easiest way possible for their participation in decision making and airing their views on vital issues of the public

Being aware of what is happening; citizens will be actively involved in decision making hence bringing about public service integrity and accountability. This completes the three main keys to any government within its public administration which are: Transparency, Accountability and Integrity.