Online Payroll Professional: Innovative Payroll Solution for SMEs

DataVision International has completed the development of the Online Payroll Professional (OPP), the most flexible and affordable payroll solution which is only paid for when a client needs to use it (Pay As You Go – Approach) targeting SMEs which don’t need all of the functionality of a fully fledged payroll solution.

Upon realization that most of the SMEs need valuable reports such as P9, P10 and the likes but cannot afford to invest in a fully fledged payroll package, DataVision International development team conceptualized a solution that can suit their exact needs. Some of the SMEs use highly manual approaches which are very time consuming and can contain some hidden errors. Online Payroll Professional (OPP) does not require any initial investment, you only pay for what you use, when you use.

Integrating it with mobile money (M-Pesa), a business can choose from a range of package deals which can suit them the most depending on what they really need in terms of Features and Reports. After choosing the package, OPP gives the client the power to add more feature and reports to the payroll (Which their prices range between 100 TZS – 500 TZS).

Online Payroll Professional offers SMEs the power to get valuable reports at a minimal cost with the most expensive package at TZS 7,000 and cheapest at TZS 1,500. OPP aims at ensuring that all the decisions, plans and forecasting are based from reliable and accurate data.