Maximize Customers’ Service Perception with Instant Issuance

Instant Issuance – A software developed DataVision International in collaboration with ID Cards Solutions is continuously assisting institutions to cut cost on the overall Card Management Process by enabling seamless information flow  from the Headquarters to the branches.

With four major modules namely: Administrator, Batch Processor, Card Issuer and Pin Issuer. The system provides the top management an easy approach to see the overall status of all the branches at the fingertips.

Instant Issuance Activity Flow

With the Instant Issuance solution, we have managed to reduce the back and forth movement of our clients’ end consumers by allowing them to get the cards instantly in less than 3 Minutes. Instant Issuance solution enables institutions to maximize end consumers’ perception on the overall service hence boosting retention rate.

The solution has been designed to provide intuitive process flow for all the modules allowing it to be simple and easy to adapt within a short time.