In the fast moving world of today, busy schedules with a continuously diminishing time to achieve your core objectives having an approach which handles alternative payment is very critical. For over ten years in the Payments and Cards Services arena, we have developed an aggregation platform that enables that assists our wide range of clients to make the most of eMoney channels.


As long there is an aspect of payment, M-Lipa can assist. We cater for a diversified group of clients with uncommon strategic objectives. Some of the common sectors we work with are:


Peer Companies

Mobile Network Operators

Financial Sector

Academic Sector

International Organisations/ NGOS

Retail Sector

Utility Payments

What is M-Lipa

M-Lipa is a platform dedicated towards aggregating mobile payment information to and fro our clients. Integrated with major mobile money platforms in Tanzania, M-Lipa enables businesses  to electronically transfer and receive funds under one eWallet eliminating the costs of using multiple systems or need for multiple integrations.

Integrated with major mobile money platforms in Tanzania and worldwide payment schemes, M-Lipa enables businesses and individuals to electronically transfer and receive funds eliminating challenges which come with conventional and physical fund movement approach.


Multiple Channels. One Balance

Many Channels: M-Lipa supports multiple channels both mobile money and ePayment schemes
One Balance, All Channels: Control all networks under only one platform
Automatic Channel Detection: For outbound transactions, M-Lipa auto-detects all channels

Pay the Right Person Everytime

Auto-verification: M-Lipa pre-checks your payees via pre-fix and offers correction approaches.
Bulk Payments: Send payments into batches and be able to re-use them for recurring payments.
Import Payees: Import payees from excel or your third party platforms via robust APIs.

Organize, Control, Track.

Maximum Control: With transparency, M-Lipa offers the managers maximum control when it comes to outbound and inbound payments.
Easy Tracking: M-Lipa offers reliable log trails and reports for easy tracking, ensuring maximum security at all times.

Easy, Repeatable Bulk Payments.

Omni-Channel Collections: Simplified collections via one channel for businesses and individuals.
Payment Request: Implement payment request and notifications via push SMS to initiate collections.
Instant Reconciliations: Funds are easily accessible for reconciliation and settlement purposes.
Fund Recycling: Organization can recycle funds to their disbursement wallet for outbound payments.

Collect Funds via Mobile.

Project-based Fund Management: With M-Lipa, clients can implement multiple wallets within a single account for simplified management of projects and other initiatives.
Simplified internal Communication: Comments and attachments add context to payments for easy understanding.

Integration & APIs.

Easy Integration to 3rd Party Systems: No need to use multiple systems, with M-Lipa your organization can be facilitated with data automation via industry proven APIs.

What are the benefits of M-Lipa?

Cost cutting

M-Lipa offers clients an affordable approach of handling funds at both corporate and individual level via multiple eMoney channels. This enables our client to cut all the costs associated with conventional payment approaches.

Minimal Time

Our platforms makes payment as easy as 1,2,3 – Minimal transaction time at all times. Whether it is mobile money, prepaid cards, EMV Cards – we ensure a high reflection speed rate to our clients.

Maximum Security

The sensitivity of the payment data that flows through our platform is highly crucial, therefore we have deployed the most sophisticated technology tools to secure the information flow between our platform and others in the ecosystem.


With a range of reports, both tabular and graphical – our clients can easily track the payment trend in their entity and be able to forecast, plan, and make informed decisions at all times.


Allow you to easily track your transactions and customers via our Web and mobile apps assuring convenience at all times



What is MLIPA?

MLIPA is a payment gateway service through which clients can process payments either via Mobile money, Cards and Mobile banking. We bring together local Mobile money payment methods, VISA, MasterCard and American Express where by connecting once, you have access to all for both online, and over the counter payments for physical outlets.

How do I open/ register a Business account?

In order for you to come on board as a Business, you need to register for an account by clicking here. For 3rd party systems, M-Lipa be integrated using dedicated APIs that can be provided to your technical team.

Before going live, you will need to sign a Merchant Agreement (Contract) and fill in the KYC Form. This will enable us to know the nature of your business and the due diligence as per the regulations of eMoney Aggregation.

Can I view all my transactions that come through M-Lipa?

Yes, You can view all the transactions in real-time that that come to your account on the dedicated dashboard which will be accessed 24/7 by your team.

How many accounts can I open using the same email address?

Due to security reasons – You can only use one email address once to open an account with M-Lipa
Opening another separate account will require you to have another email address that has not been used on M-Lipa before.

Is it possible for me to recover my password if forgotten?

Yes. Use this link to reset your password from the login page.


Are there any charges that I will incur as a business to hold an account with M-Lipa?

Yes – We have two types of charges – Account Opening/ Set Up charges and Transactional charges.

How long does the withdrawal take to be processed to my bank account?

It takes 72 working hours (maximum of 3 working days) for the amounts to be settled to your bank account. In case this is not affected within the stated days please drop an email to for follow up.

Can a client get a refund if I have not delivered a good or service to them?

Yes. Send an email to with the transaction details i.e. confirmation code received, phone number used, date of the transaction and amounts

“M-Lipa has enabled us to simply receive payments from our clients in a more secured manner”

Tutty MwakyomaCEO - MacLeans Laundry and DryCleaners

“We have managed to increase retention in our forex brokerage ever since we integrated our platform with M-Lipa. The results are just amazing”

Erick MhandoCountry CEO

“Being in real estate, I continuously receive and send funds on a daily basis and M-Lipa has simplified my job immensely”

Confidential Details

“Initially it was hard to pay salaries to employees working in remote sites, but with M-Lipa I can
pay them instantly from anywhere in the world”

S&M Security - Manager & Founder