kopafasta’s Impact on Financial Inclusion in Bagamoyo

The artisans and craftsmen in Bagamoyo can now have access to financial services via the kopafasta platform which is among the stakeholders in the TACIP project which is implemented by TAFCA in partnership with DataVision International.

Kopafasta offered is linked within the TACIP app to enable instant short term loans straight to the member’s mobile device and the returns are spread out multiple times over a period of 30 Days (1 Month).

See the feedback of the artist who received their instant loans via kopafasta on the video below

The kopafasta team is aiming to spread the service to enable all the artists across the country to be able to receive microloans under the TACIP project, This will raise the socio-economic status of the artisans and craftsmen in the country and enable them to do more in their area of expertise.