What is Kadipap!?

KadiPap! Is an innovative, secure, cost effective Instant Issuance solution that enables financial institutions to issue payment cards to new and existing customers instantly.

KadiPap! Features

Provides comprehensive reports and
monitoring tools that are critical for timely
action and planning purposes

Easy to implement and manage

Supports both EMV and non-EMV cards

Improves satisfaction levels and customer loyalty

Provides optional means of capturing
customers bio data i.e fingerprints or photo

Automates the entire process of issuing cards
and PIN numbers

KadiPap! Issuance Steps


The format and details for the design and making of card. The client have to provide all details of the card.


Client must approve the card design plus all the required details on the card, If approved it go to the next step of personalization.


Also referred as Card Issuance” is the sequence of steps that make every smart card unique. During this process individual card holder data are loaded into the chip.

Instant Delivery

It’s a final step where we deliver the insuance cards to the client.

Some of our clients