IT Outsourcing: If it’s not core, Outsource it!!

At this time and age, businesses need to think of more ways ICT tools can cut their costs and minimize overheads in order to not run out of business and add these savings on the bottom line of their ROI. With a large number of start-ups in developing countries, the competition will constantly be on the rise and business managers/owners are required to be proactive on approaches that can assist in minimizing overheads and cutting costs for their survival.

Since 2000, Tanzania has been having a large influx of business people/ companies from other countries looking to invest in the country. Now, more than ten years after, the business environment has totally changed with a very diverse nationality span of entrepreneurs also trying to tap the Tanzanian market.

Not only Tanzania, but also other developing countries have been facing the same dynamic shift. The number of new businesses from local and international investors is growing at a very fast rate. On the way, some businesses fail to -compete due to poor strategy and lack of focus on their core objectives. If not taken into consideration, poor focus on core objectives can potentially take your company out of the market. This is where ICT solutions come in, helping managers to focus on their core objectives and outsource non-core objectives to third parties.

It is proven that companies which are able to engage experienced third parties by outsourcing their ICT tasks are assured of success in their area of expertise. Dedicated ICT firms have the right experience and in-depth knowledge on what it takes to make ICT work for you and not be a pipeline of draining your savings out of the company. By moving the non-core tasks to a third party, business can better serve their clients assuring their survival in the market.

Companies that have experience of implementing medium to large and complex applications can assist in digitizing your business processes in a shorter time, assuring a higher level of transparency and allowing manager to have the right data and information on their fingertips for critical decision making.

Experienced ICT Companies are continuously investing heavily in R&D for approaches that can make ICT work for you, what are the right tools and methods to effectively undertake the integration of the ICT Strategy and Business Strategy while ligning the objectives of the two for maximum results.