Instant Issuance at SabaSaba Trade Fair

DataVision International and ID Cards Solutions jointly designed and developed the Instant Issuance System to assist institution to issue cards of any sort from a regular ID Card to a Visa Bank Card instantly. Working with financial institutions for over a decade has gaines us the knowledge to exactly know the gaps on how our clients can add value to their final consumers.

One of the major problem in the overall banking industry operations is the time delays between opening an account and issuing the bank card. Clients would wait up to a week to receive their card!! This has led to the conceptualization of the Instant Issuance system, enabling the financial institution to issue cards in less than 3 minutes from the account opening.

Akiba Commercial Ban at SabaSaba

Above image is one of our clients – Akiba Commercial Bank deployed the system at the SabaSaba Trade Fair where the clients registered for new accounts and received their ATM Cards instantly.

DataVision and ID Cards Solutions work hand in hand with financial institutions to assist in the overall Card Personalization and the solution which boost operational efficiency while cutting unnecessary overheads.