Get Ready For M-Lipa Gen2: Better, Faster, Stronger!

After almost a year of operations, our team worked in an integrated manner which spans from the business department to the development team on what is missing in the mobile payments aggregation gateways and how we can have more businesses incorporating mobile money platforms in their forms of payment.

We constantly track the performance of out systems, and with complex payment systems – it is of high importance that we take into consideration situations that bring about problems to our clients and solve them accordingly. After continuous research, we have gathered the requirements for us to launch M Lipa Gen2 on the 1st of July 2016.

M Lipa Gen2 will have better and efficient transactional processing algorithms which will help our clients to be able to process a large number of transactions happening simultaneously. Not only that, but the new M Lipa platform will have ready to go APIs which allow it to be connected to any existing systems and online selling platforms.

We are more than excited to launch M Lipa Gen2 and strongly believe that it will assist a large number of businesses both private and public to be able to transact both inbound and outbound via mobile money platforms.