Foundation in Progress: Getting ready for the UNFPA Contraceptives Survey

It is deeply engraved in our culture of conducting from small to large survey projects for over 15 years. Making sure there is no room for errors and getting it right the first time is our prime objectives which help us to meet the tight deadlines set forward by our clients.

This week, our team of enumerators from Tanzania mainland and Zanzibar are gathered in Dar es Salaam for intense and in-depth training for the upcoming UNFPA Contraceptives Survey. DataVision is subcontracted to conduct survey on the availability and stock-out of contraceptives and maternal health medicines. The focus of the survey was on three outcome indicators in the monitoring and evaluation framework of the GPRHCS which focused on a) Service Delivery Points (SDPs) offering at least three modern methods of contraceptives; b) 7 life-saving maternal/RH medicines ; c) ‘no stock outs’ of contraceptives within last 6 months.

Our research and statistics consultants are going to undertake this survey project using TAPI which allows the client to be able to view the data collection process remotely from a dedicated URL link to our Tikiti Application.