In a Financial sector, having the right solution to enable decision making, planning and forecast is no-brainer. We have worked with clients from a financial sector for over a decade, and we have the right solution to enable data access at their fingertips.

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What is FINSOL?

FinSol is a solution that aims at simplifying the processes with Microfinance Institutions from the point of member registration to loan disbursements to repayment. Our FinSol solution has not only mapped Microfinance processes but has greatly simplified the activities as opposed to the conventional approaches.

FINSOL Features

Intuitive and easy to use interface

Quick financial, members and other related reports

Allows SMS Alerts and notifications (Automated and Triggered)

Equipped with Chart of Accounts for all the transactional operations

What are the benefits of FINSOL?

Maximum control of client loans and repayments

Ability to manage clients and capture all the operational processes into achieving maximum control and transparency to all stakeholders.

Quick financial, members and other related reports

Having data based reports at fingertips is helpful in quick decision making, planning and forecasting.

Cost reduction as compared to manual approaches

With FinSol, there is up to 80% increase in efficiency and accuracy while minimizing costs and overheads.

No need for external or supporting system/ manual work for financial reports

It is independent solution which can provide all reports within the institution without depending on any external aid.

Improves communication to all the clients

Designed to manage loans, repayments and other information of the institution’s clients accordingly with minimal human intervention.