In a business world, attaining efficiency is a critical aspect in enabling any business to be more productive which in turn increases the ROI. Transport is a very sensitive industry which plays a huge role in overall country’s economic development. In transport, ticketing is an area which can be compromised easily when it is not well controlled. eTiketi is a solution dedicated to enable Transport business owners to get rid of conventional ticketing system and use the electronic approach which offers high control and transparency.

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What is ETIKETI?

eTiketi is an extensive electronic ticketing solution which uses multiple channels to enable end consumers to be able to purchase tickets anytime, anywhere. eTiketi is designed to enable the transporters to easily track and monitor the ticketing solution enabling maximized control and Return on Investment (RoI).

ETIKETI Features

Easy and Intuitive

eTiketi offers an easy approach for both the transporters and the consumers to be able to use the platform for both walk-in and self-service ticketing.

Multiple Channels

eTiketi offers the “Ticketing Freedom” factor since it offers a wide range of ticketing channels. You Choose.

Mobile Device Flexible

No Internet, No Problem – eTiketi offers the capability to be used on not only smart phones but also feature phones


eTiketi uses highly efficient security algorithm to ensure no data is compromised at all times.


eTiketi offers a wide range of report to the transporters in a matter of 1-Click e.g. Income, Expenses, Passengers Manifest, etc.te


Offers flexibility to map/ simula the actual bus seating arrangement while purchasing a ticket.

What are the benefits of ETIKETI?

Cost Cutting

eTiketi cuts up to 80% of the costs that come about conventional approaches of ticketing e.g. Stationary, Middle man etc.

Decision Making

With a wide range of report, eTiketi maximizes accuracy in decision making in a timely manner

Maximized Control

With eTiketi, the transporters have 100% control in the overall ticketing processes both on self-service, walk-ins and en route.


Android Pos

The eTiketi app is installed within the PoS device and the cashiers can be able to sell the tickets instantly to their consumers.


A dedicated mobile app is found on Android Playstore to enable consumers to purchase their tickets instantly.


A dedicated website to enable consumers to be able to purchase the tickets anytime, anywhere.


SMS Ticketing capability to enable travelers with feature phones to also use the eTiketi service.