Enterprise Mobile Apps: Restructuring the way companies do business

In the 80s, the invention of a mobile phone was a huge achievement to the technology field and the rest of the world. In those times, the devices were limited with the purpose of communication only. It is until in the 2000s where the technology world discovered more possibilities with the mobile devices. As time goes by, man found more tasks to undertake via mobile device beyond just communication. The world has reached to the point where the bond between a human being and their mobile devices is almost unbreakable. To an average human being a mobile device is what keeps her connected to the family, business, news, activities, travel the list is surely endless.

This has made strategic leaders from all sectors to have a well comprehensive mobile strategy to strengthen their conventional business and marketing strategy in order to reach more of their target markets and raise brand awareness. Gartner predicted that by 2016, there will be an approximate of 310Bn downloads and $71Bn of revenue from different app stores around the world.

Mobile Apps have radically simplified the way people do almost everything with their mobile devices: Communicate, Travel, Networking, Travel, Trade and many more, this creates more opportunities for businesses to make the most of the cultural change and maximize on the ROI.

A modern newspaper company can maximize its customer reach by implementing a mobile app where their subscribers can get the most recent news hence cutting cost on paper printing and maximizing new revenue streams coming with mobile devices such as Adverts and Subscription fee for periodic contents via mobile apps.

As more people have access of smartphones and tablets by day, enterprises need to be quick to make their presence in the mobile app arena and make their businesses more approachable and being able to overcome the space and time barrier.

The Mobile Technology Experts at DataVision International predict that the African market has a fast growing interest on mobile app stores. A large number of Smartphone and tablets owners try to maximize the usage of their devices by trying to access any information of their choice as it offers the easiest and the fastest way e.g. Social Networks – WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook and many more, News Content Mobile Apps – Dar24Media.

Marketing seniors in enterprise entities should seek for an approach to make their brand present on mobile in a way that it can make them easily reach their clients and get to know the consumer behavior by collecting the necessary data via the apps.

To implement a sustainable business with assured returns requires an element of flexibility and quick reaction to the on-coming industry’s dynamics. No one could have predicted that there will be a day that mobile devices can determine how businesses operate and enhance brand identity. CEOs and senior leaders are now faced by a challenge to ensure that they capture the mobile devices owner by implementing the mobile apps which can assist in making their brand interactive and in return get in-depth analytics about their clientele base.