Commissioning of a Dynamic Web for the Prime Minister’s Office – Tanzania

Client: Prime Minister’s Office of the United Republic of Tanzania
Assignment: Design, Development, Implementation and Hosting of the Database-driven website for the Prime Minister’s Office – Tanzania
Expertise: Software Engineering


DataVision was contracted by the Prime Minister’s Office to design, develop and host a database-driven website meant to enhance the dissemination of information, tracking and planning of the activities of the Prime Minister and increase awareness of the functions of the Prime Minister’s Office.
The Consultancy also covered the development of the web mail service, hosting of emails and maintenance of the system. Among the activities undertaken included undertaking user requirements analysis, designing and coding of the website and web mail system, development and publishing of the website and email system, development of the Content Management System (CMS), supporting the staff to develop the contents, hosting and maintenance of both the Website and email system and training of the webmaster and selected users on updating the website contents.