DataVision visits children with autism for JAZA KIKAPU campaign

DataVision International and its sister companies visited the SALT Vocational Training Center to celebrate the Revolution Day with the children who are affected with autism. This day also marks the end of the JAZA KIKAPU campaign, which is an annual campaign where the staff at DataVision join hands to give back to the community with the little that we have.

The general awareness about autism in children is very minimal across the country and some even go to the extent of associating the illness with witchcraft belief or pushing the blame to the parents. Knowing this, DataVision staff and management decided to spend this day with the group of people who are segregated and alienated by most of the community and urge other stakeholders to do the same.

DataVision representative, Mr. MacMillan George pointed out that, “JAZA KIKAPU is our corporate annual event, where we give back to the needy. We conduct this campaign to be able to give back to the community a fraction of the blessings we have received”