DataVision to launch SME Cooperatives Software

DataVision International aims at assisting small to medium independent SACCOS groups with less than 500 members to be able to use Technology to increase the operational efficiency in an Online manner. The solution SACCOS+ is the solution which has been in the market for over 10 years catering a wide range of large SACCOS institutions such as NGOME SACCOS in Dar es Salaam.

The new online SACCOS+ will enable cooperative institutions to be able to self-register and operate the system independently online and be able to add their SACCOS members. The SACCOS+ Online Software is aiming at enabling the small to medium SACCOS to be able to make the most of Technology and be able to be more efficient.

DataVision has worked with a wide range of financial institutions for over 20 years of its existence assisting them to be able to be more efficient and maximize their outcome using Technology and modern tools. With that experience, we have the right knowledge and an in-depth understanding of the operations within these institutions.