DataVision to Change Payment Norms During Pandemic

The Payments and Cards Services Department within DataVision International has dedicated it’s efforts on assisting a wide range of institutions to enable them to receive collections during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting with religious institutions which on a normal day, they will receive collections from members who are physically there. Things are different with the Corona outbreak where people no longer have confidence to attend such masses.

The solution innovated by DataVision International allows the religious members to give their offerings using mobile money platforms anytime, anywhere. On top of that, this platform allows a member to be able to choose where he/she is directing the offerings, giving religious institutions a unique and one of a kind capability to view different types of offering baskets from the dedicated portal.

Working with Maendeleo Bank, this solution is already on the ground and soon will be piloted to more than 20 religious institutions within Dar es Salaam. Learn more about this platform: