DataVision to Improve the Security Sector in Tanzania

The consultants at DataVision International in collaboration with the  Tanzania Police Force (TPF) and tthe Tanzania Security Industry Association have jointly vowed to change the security industry in Tanzania using the power of Technology.

The Tanzanian Private Security Sector is a fast growing sector in the country which has deemed to be very critical for the safety of a large number of population in the country which raises the need to have efficient management of the security guards and the entities for a WIN-WIN situation.

Upon a series of meetings on how to map the overall industry using technology. DataVision International consultants implement the Private Security Governance Portal (PSPG) for the Security Industry in the country.

Today, our project steering team presented the Private Sector Governance Portal (PSPG) to more than 200 owners of security companies at the Annual General Meeting which was held in Dodoma, Tanzania. PSPG will enable the stakeholders to be able to manage their processes in a manner that can maximize on the overall security of the country.

See some of the images below:

The PSPG is already in motion and will be providing the Ulinzi Card to all the security guards which will enable them to be identified easily and be able to attain a wide range of benefits to be able to sustain their day to day lives such as Short Term Loans, Loyalty Programs and many more.