DataVision partners with Development Gateway to undertake the Open Government Dashboards Project

DataVision has partnered with Development Gateway from the United States to assist the Government of Tanzania to undertake the Open Government Partnership by developing public open dashboard which are going to which collect, synthesize, and visualize data to help users (including government itself) analyze and surface narratives, support decision-making and reporting, and provide feedback for improving the quality of data through interactive mechanisms.

The dashboards are going to be focusing on three main areas: Water, Education and Health. The availability of well comprehensive data is going to bring about accountability and efficiency among the key stakeholders. The Government of Tanzania has made a considerable effort in implementing the Open Government Partnership (OGP) since 2011 when they joined. The initiative aims to make information about service delivery performance reliable and accessible in order to facilitate progress evaluation and performance of those public servants working along the service delivery chain.

With projects that bring about radical changes such as Big Results Now (BRN) initiative, the Government of Tanzania has increased quality, efficiency and transparency within the major sectors such as Health and Education bring about effective monitoring and evaluation of the associated undertakings. OGP is going to allow the citizen to get actively involved in the progress of the government activities and be able to seek for more data/ information if need be via Technology.

The two teams are looking forward to embark on this project this month, starting with the requirement analysis phase, followed by the technical development and the pilot phase for both of the ministries. The dashboards are going to bring about awareness among the citizens regarding all the projects undertaken by the government to improve their social welfare.