DataVision participating in influencing data driven decision making

In collaboration with Development Gateway under funding from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, DataVision was Tanzania-based implementing partner for the second phase of Results Data Initiative (RDI II) in Tanzania. The assignment involved working with Tanzanian Government to develop tools and dashboards that will enable informed decision making for different levels of the Government structure.

Under the assignment, DataVision International‘s roles involved gathering relevant data needs, organizing and moderating  working workshops involving stakeholders from various Government institutions including Ministries (especially PORALG and the ministry of health), Departments and Agencies, co-develop tools and dashboards involved,  overall management of the assignment and working closely with the government.

DataVision International has over 20 years of experience in deploying consultancy solutions that assist a wide range of clients to make efficient use of data enabling informed decision making, planning and forecasting.