DataVision Introduces the Mwalimu Tablet

Innovation is surely one of the reasons why DataVision International has stayed relevant for over 20 years in the market. Despite the size, we have managed to stay nimble by deploying special departments to undertake Research and Development on the upcoming technology changes and how we can come up with a solution that will provide the perfect fit for the future requirements.

Our consultants who specialized in the tools to enhance the delivery of education knowledge in developing economies spent substantial amount of time to conceptualize and implement a tool that can automate and simplify learning for the early graders in Tanzania – The tool goes by the name Mwalimu Tablet.

The Mwalimu Tablet offers the education sector an ability to enable learning in a simpler manner without the presence of a teacher. A student can listen to the instructions given by the tablet and be able to learn in a similar manner as it is done in a conventional class.

The DataVsiion International representative, Mr. William Kihula pointed out that, “As years go by, DataVision International has been investing in long term R&D initiatives to assist in streamlining our areas of focus processes that need more efficiency.

Mwalimu Tablet is one of the fruits of this R&D, we strongly believe that this solution will be able to change the education sector in the Tanzanian territory.”