DataVision International sponsors the Tanzania Police Force (TPF)

DataVision International has sponsored the printing of 4,000 copies of Guideline on Crime Disclosing and Prevention at Ward/Shehia, village and street levels as support to Tanzania Police Force (TPF) initiative on Community Engagement on Combating crime.

The sponsorship was attended by a representative from DataVision International, Mr. Macmillan George, and the Commissioner of Police Dr. Mussa Ally Mussa who is Commissioner for Community Engagement with his peers from TPF.

Over the past 20+ years, DataVision International has being working hand in hand with stakeholders with different background as part of CSR or a joint initiative. Being the consultant behind the Private Security Governance Portal (PSGP) project, which aimed at formalizing the Private Security Sector across the country, DataVision has managed to forge a strong partnership with the Tanzania Police Force where the security sector also belongs to.

Under the PSGP project, which has managed to register 20,000+ of security guards employed under a wide range of private security institutions which has helped the Tanzania Police Force to properly regulate the sector in a mutually beneficial way between the Government and the private investors as well.

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