DataVision International Going beyond Data with T-MARC

DataVision International Research and Data Analytics consultants In cooperation with T-MARC have initiated a training to explain the study, data collection methods and interview tools to the data collectors to implement the MEASURE ACCESS AND PERFORMANCE (MAP) OF FAST MOVING CONSUMER GOODS (FMCG) under the T-MARC organization.

DataVision International consultants and a team of assessors aim to collect information on access to priority health products especially T-MARC products in Arusha, Dar es Salaam, and Mwanza in order to measure access and performance of T-MARC products.

As per our norm of similar project, we normally conduct multiple pilot sessions where the participants go into the field and practice the entire data collection process in outlets like supermarkets, shops, kiosks, hotels, guesthouses, etc. This practice has always given us an assurance on the reliability of the data collected.

The Project Manager from DataVision, Stefanie Henke pointed out that, “The study will provide information on where health products and interventions are available and which target populations have access to them. This can assist our client (T-MARC) to have an in-depth understanding of their products’ performance in the markets for accurate decision making, planning and forecasting.”

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