DataVision/ ID Cards at the UMOJA SWITCH meeting

DataVision International and ID Cards Solutions Consultants were among the key speakers at the UMOJA SWITCH member banks (Managers and CEOs) and partners meeting which was held in Arusha regarding the preparedness to migrate to VISA/ MasterCard schemes.

Our consultants Teddy Qirtu and Josh Miranji jointly gave a an in-depth presentation to our over 12 years clients in the area of Card Personalization on how we have invested heavily in the new technology to enable a smooth transition from the local EMV Card Scheme to the VISA/ MasterCard global scheme.

Below are some of the snaps at the event

DataVision and ID Cards have jointly being able to work hand in hand in achieving a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Certification which is the global standard for data security which offer credit cards to reduce fraudulent activities.

Being a local PCI DSS certified company, we aim at delivering the highest security in any global payment card scheme which will be adopted by the UMOJA SWITCH member banks ensuring that the personal and financial date is secured at all times during offline and online transactions.