DataVision Celebrates 22 Years In the Industry

Every October, DataVision International celebrates another year. And this October is not different!! We are celebrating 22 years in the consultancy industry. This has been greatly attributed by our flexibility, proactive and nimble nature towards the market and its associated factors. Over the 22 years, DataVision International has had multiple objectives and strategic changes depending on the business environment.
Understanding and being able to forecast the business dynamics is a crucial feature for any businesse survival. Our management and the strategy department have been key to this anniversary and all the previous ones by being able to guide us to the right direction as far as business objectives are concerned at all times.
Our CEO, Mr. Mwaijonga, GM during a conversation earlier today stated that, “DataVision International survival is a result from the inputs from hundreds of brains and talents throughout the years. We work tirelessly to ensure all of us play our part in achieving the company objectives at all times. Over the years, we have changed our business directions multiple times after in-depth market research undertaken by our Strategy consultants. On our 22nd Anniversary, I would like to thank each and every one who has played their part in ensuring we reached here, WE ARE 22 YEARS – WE DID IT”