DataVision attends the X-PRIZE Awarding Event

The Global Learning XPRIZE Challenge has awarded the winner who developed the best learning app a total of $15,000,000 as a fund to further enhance their product. Being part of the X-PRIZE project for over 18 months by using the EGRA and EGMA tools to track the children’s learning curve after using the technology, we were one of the key guests at the event held in Los Angeles, United States.

Our representative, Mr, William Kihula (Research and Statistics manager) and Ms. Bwigane Mulinda Business Development Executive) attended the event and managed to meet with other stakeholders who have interest in early grade learning projects.

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DataVision International is one of the early starters in paperless data collection which has enable the company to be on the frontier when it comes to Computer Assisted Personal Interview (CAPI) technology. We are continuously using our 20 years’ experience in the field to come up with environmental driven tools which can further simplify the data collection processes for projects.

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