DataVision @ Albinism Photo Exhibition

On Thursday November 26th, DataVision International was invited to attend on the first Albinism photo Exhibition of the pictures taken by the photojournalist Javquelyn Martin who visited the Kabanga Protectorate Centre in the Westrern Tanzania which is deemed to eb a safe haven for up to 70 people including children, with albinism who are faced with discrimination in addition to being targeted for ritual killings. Martin developed the photo exhibit titled “Tribe of Ghosts”, in allusion to the epithet used to refer to albinos in communities around the country. The first albinsim photo exhibition ws conducted by the World Bank iin collaboraton with the Natonal Museum.

The exhibition had a sole purpose of enhancing the awareness towards the plight of people with albinism amongst the people who have witch craft or cultural belief that bring about the stigma and the killings of this group of people.

One of the personnel from DataVision International under the Research and Statistics Department had the following to say regarding this event,

“I believe that we need more of such exhibition and awareness programs to ensure that the people who have albinism are treated as among us. Today I have learnt about a lot on how developing countries have the wrong beliefs towards the people with albinism which most of it is directed towards witchcraft. We are the only ones who can stop this by spreading the word and educate each other regarding this matter. Let’s join forces and bring an end to this”