Data Verification of PbR Scheme in the Rural Water Sub-sector

Client: Department for International Development (DFID)
Assignment:Provision of all surveys activities including app development, training, data collection and processing, QA, and some preliminary analysis of results
Expertise: Tablet Assisted Data Collection, Data Call Centre


DFID have allocated approximately £70 million to a Payment by Results (PbR) scheme in Tanzania’s rural water sub-sector. The Payment by Results (PbR) scheme seeks to provide incentivie to Local Government Authorities to effectively monitor and maintain their water infrastructure, and the modality synchronicity well with achievement of the Government plans to ensure sustainability.

The scheme began in July 2016 and will be implemented through March 2022. The overarching objective of the PbR modality is to enhance the resilience and long-term sustainability of the country’s rural water supply and infrastructure.

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The Data Verification Service Provider (DVSP), a consortium of 5 firms, led by Ecorys in cooperation with iWEL, Aguaconsult, Wema Consult and DataVision International, undertook the independent data verification services for DFID’s PbR scheme in Tanzania’s rural water sub-sector from 2018-2022 using the Data Call Centre service.

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