In today’s business world, whether it is a provision of service or product to a group of consumers/clients, a company’s ability to attain the right information at the right time about how your clients perceive you based on their initial expectations is very critical to business survival independent of the industry. How do you get these data?

What is a Data Call Centre?

Our Data Call Centre is a service to reach different customers by our operators who conduct phone call surveys. This kind of outbound solution is based on the integration of centralized web and mobile technologies.

Data Call Centre offers institutions accurate and exact data about their target audience allowing them to decide confidently on the next move for their business survival or continuity.

Uses of a Data Call Centre?

This low-cost and highly efficient tool for collecting data is currently being used by several organizations to collect information from their targeted audiences. The service is used for collecting data for many needs include the following:

Monitoring and Evaluation of Service Delivery

Are our clients satisfied with our service/ products?

Sales and Marketing Analysis

Will the expectations of our clients be met by our new product/service/initiation?

Promotion and Campaign Analysis

Was the campaign or promotion successful and met our desired/expected objectives?

Exit and Opinion Polls

What are our clients thinking about our service/ product?

What are the benefits of a Data Call Centre?

Availability of Real Time Data

Due to a high throughput time of the process compared to traditional methods.

Enables decision-making

Quick, accurate and fact-based decision-making by enabling timely planning and forecasting.

Cost and time effective

Compared to the traditional approaches. Data Call Centre saves up to 50% cost and uses 70% less time.

Creation of Corporate Image

With reliable data, the management is able to be reactive/proactive to accurate data before it is too late hence saving the Corporate Image.

Enhancing brand loyalty

Client Involvement in strategy formation, planning, forecasting and decision making is important to boost Brand Loyalty.

“I would like to thank DataVision for this great work (Data Call Centre Service). It has been a great experience working with your team. The project was handled with a professional approach and delivered complete data as per agreement”

Bartholomew SullivanRadio and ICT Manager (Farm Radio)