Creating Content for DataVision’s Walimu Online (WAO) Project

DataVision is currently hosting early grade teachers and education specialists at our offices who are creating content for our in-house education initiative the WAO project. This project aims to build the capacity of teachers through technological-based networking initiative designed in response to inadequate knowledge and skills in facilitating students to learn. In addition, this initiative will support teachers to access information on teaching/learning materials through ICT.

This initiative will be implemented in five regions of Singida, Tanga, Dodoma, Ruvuma and Kigoma. The choice of these regions is informed by the EGRA/EGMA analysis based on regional performance in terms of the proportion of students achieving the benchmarks for Oral Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension in which students in these regions performed far less than the national benchmarks of 17% and13% respectively (RTI 2016).

DataVision International has a vast experience in implementing Research Projects for early learners using EGRA and EGMA technology across the country for over 10 years. Our aim is to assist the early grade teachers to be able to use our tools to enable students to get the best understanding of each and everthing taught in the classes in a timely manner.

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