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Result Data Initiative II

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Assignment: Improving the use of results data for development decision-making Expertise: Advisory panel discussion and technical convening to identify use cases and design a set of data tools, visualizations, and approaches to support those goals. Description: Most persistent challenge identified in the first phase of RDI was the inability of development actors […]

Result Data Initiative I

Client: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Assignment: Baseline Study to establish how data result is used for development in Tanzania Expertise: Deployment of combined qualitative approaches Semi Structured and Key Informant Interviews (KI) Description: In 2017 Development Gateway (DG) contracted DataVision International Limited to undertake a baseline study on how results data is used for development. DataVision and […]

Do You Own a Business? AdaLipa4Business is a Must

A smart manager requires accurate moves which go in line with the current business dynamics. With AdaLipa, we enable you to be able to collect payments from your clients using all mobile money wallets – This enables payment flexibility from your clients as far as payment is involved in a tailored manner to enable all […]

AdaLipa #KIBUBU expands to Real Estates Sector

AdaLipa #KIBUBU is continuously helping hundreds s Agentsof institutions to receive payments via cashless/ mobile money channels 24/7 – Using this technology, the AdaLipa #KIBUBU has introduced Real Estates as a new segment to the solution. With AdaLipa #KIBUBU Real Estate Institutions can now be able to create sub-accounts for their clients and enable them […]