AKO Catering LTD/ African Barrick Gold makes the most of the Canteen Management System

Catering to thousands of people in a day can very tiresome and complex if you don’t have any reliable system in place. Initially, AKO Catering LTD in the African Barrick Gold Mining sites located in North Mara used vouchers to offer meals to thousands of workers in the mines. In a day, more than 2000 people are fed.

The paper voucher approach presented a range of challenges in the service provision, from the time it takes to create reports, failure of food forecasting, highly manual and time consuming to mention a few.

ID Cards/ DataVision International was contracted to implement an electronic canteen management system which used Near Field Communication (NFC) cards which are tapped on the POS when the staff want to access the canteen facilities during the specified time.

The system implemented enabled Ako Catering LTD to produce daily, weekly, or monthly reports in few minutes, giving them the capability to reduce food loss by accurately forecasting the amount of food needed by easily studying the trends over time.

All the canteen facility users were provided with the RFID cards assigned to them, and they are allowed to use it only once per each meal achieving maximum control over the resources and facilities.

The Canteen Management System implemented enabled the ability to streamline the processes within the canteen facilities enabling the access to useful reports for quick decision making for both parties: AKO Catering LTD and African Barrick Gold achieving a maximum managerial control.