The conventional approach towards paying for Academic Fees is highly excruciating with a a lot of to and fro movements and a need for a physical presence. On the institutions side, it’s the same – high level of paperwork and long times of reconciliation processes. With vast knowledge in eMoney – we believed AdaLipa is the right solution for this – So we built it.

What is AdaLipa?

AdaLipa is a fee collection/ payment solution which runs on M-Lipa enabling parents and gurdians to make payments for tuition fees to a specific student using the appropriate payment ID for the particular student. AdaLipa offers academic institutions of all levels a capability to collect fee using the most secure and reliable via multiple channels under one interface.

With AdaLipa, each student is provided with a unique Payment ID which is deployed as an identifier of the payment and allocate it to the specific student. The Payment ID is used as the Reference ID for the fee payment done – So no need for further reconciliation processes.

Features of a AdaLipa?

AdaLipa offers flexibility to the accounting department in an academic institution by being able to be integrated to the existing accounting systems to provide a seamless payment information flow between all the parties

Fee Reminders

Payment Tracking




How it Works

Sign Up for AdaLipa

Sign up for the AdaLipa account

Add Classes and Students

Add the levels/ courses according to your institution

Share Payment IDs

Share Payment IDs with the payers/ students.

Receive Payments

Receive payments via multiple channels

Print Payment Report

Export payment reports for further planning and forecasting



How do I sign up for AdaLipa?

To sign up, you need to go to the SIGN UP Link, create your account. This is then followed by form completion prior receiving payments.

Are there any fees upon Signing Up?

Yes, there are initial once off fees upon sign up for configuration and account set up

How do I settle the institution’s collected funds?

The payments are moved to your bank account upon clicking the “Settle” button in your account.

“Taking into account our institution is located in rural area, with AdaLipa parents don’t have to travel long distances anymore”

Prof MnguuVice Chancellor

“Receiving Tuition Fee can never get any easier, AdaLipa has really added value to our institution’s overall efficiency”

Revelin NgowiAccountant

“With AdaLipa, parents don’t have to flock up to our institution anymore, it’s a WIN-WIN for all of the stakeholders”

Joachim RupepoChairman

“Be it Tuition Fee or any other form of payment with an academic institution, AdaLipa makes it simple for all of us”

Dr. Felix SukumsiDirector of Information Technology