DataVision International is a consultancy firm with its headquarters in Tanzania, focusing on four major areas ICT Consultancy, Research and Statistics, Payments & Card Services and Corporate Training.

We have undeniably proven to be the best at what we do at all times by meeting our clients’ expectations. This comes form the culture that took years to be engraved into each and every person who becomes a part of us.

Our Values

 To positively contribute to performance improvement using Appropriate Technology  as an enabler.

To deliver leading-edge, customer focused, sustainable and affordable consulting solutions.

Team work

The success and accomplishments of DataVision International do not boil down to a single person. All our projects, whether internal or external highly depend on putting the teamwork approach first and every one delivering the assigned tasks in time to achieve the full objective.

The culture of our team, whether in a project-based or full time focuses on solving the problem at hand in a reliable and sustainable approach resulting into adding value to our client’s at affordable charges. Most of our projects involve more than one department, without good communication and dedication towards the assigned goal the end results can’t be realized on time and with the expected quality.

Word from our CEO

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) playground in the new economy is characterized by a broad range of challenges and dynamics. Hence, it is no longer an option for institutions to continually audit their operations, which include business process improvement and setting up more core-focused, realistic and far reaching strategies meant to facilitate the achievement of the highly desired competitive advantage. It is for those reasons that DataVision International has always remained proactive in offering user-driven consulting services to enable clients improve their business processes. Our services mainly focus on adding planning, decision making and knowledge creation.

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Organization Structure

DataVision has aligned its organization structure in such a way that it adheres to its Vision and Mission of ensuring the delivery of customer focused, sustainable and value-for-money services.

Thus, at its roots, the company comprise of well-defined and highly-focused product-driven business sections, which are Software Development, Mobile & Web Solutions, Enterprise Resource Planning, Payments & Card Services and Statistics & Research.

Code of Conduct

As obliged by the norms of conducting business, DataVision International LTD has established a code of conduct, which our current staff/ applicants and services adhere to. DataVision International Code of Conduct is deemed as a tool of compliance to the legal requirements and standards of business conduct pointing out the critical components of conducting local and international business.