TACIP Enrols Artists in Dodoma

The Tanzania Artist and Craftsmen Identification Project (TACIP) has arrived in Dodoma for artists’ registration. This one of a kind project implemented by Tanzania Federation of Crafts and Arts, DataVision International and the Ministry of Information, Culture, Artists and Sports is now assisting thousands of artisans and craftsmen in Tanzania to get more benefit out of their talent.

TACIP uses electronic enrolment application developed by DataVision International to enable quick enrolment while not compromising on data integrity and minimize human errors.

See the images of the enrolment process below

The TACIP team is now in Dodoma conducting artist registration using an in-house developed enrolment application which enables quick data entry. The TACIP coordinator Mr. Sauli Mpock, pointed out that, “Our aim has always been to add the artisans and craftsmen worth using technology. And so fat we have thousands of members from various categories who are now able to get the benefits of joining TACIP. We aim to reach each and every artist in the country.”

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