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Corporate Performance Management

Over the years, DataVision has assisted a range of clients to increase productivity, efficiency and realize ROI by leveraging the power of technology. Our experienced consultants assist clients from understanding the loopholes in the business processes and propose proven approaches to reach the strategic objectives. Such as: IT Strategy, IT Policy and Plans, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity, Situational Auditing, Business Process Improvement (BPI)

IT Strategy
Our consultants assist a range of verticals to efficiently realize the the capanility of IT to fully gain a competitive edge by orchestrating an IT Srategy which is  aligned to their business objectives.

This involves a range of research phases to fully understanf the strategic objectives of a client in otder to devise a strategy that brings about reliable and sustainable value.

Business Process Improvement (BPI)
Efficient business processes are critical to any organization success. Business process with minimal waiting times, looping, and non-adding value steps are the most desirable.

Our consultants have assisted companies improve their current business processes which waste time and resources and ultimately the end product/service quality by achieving streamlined process(es) eliminating  non-value adding activities and improve inter-departmental communication for a greater end result.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
At times of disaster, we assist our clients with a reliable and well proven Business Continuity Plan (BCP) to ensure a maintained competitive advantage and continuing to deliver products/ services.

All entities whether Public Sector, NGOs or Private Sector require a reliable Business Continuity Plan to assure its survival in case of critical disaster or any disruption.

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