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Upon intense R&D combined with our in-depth knowledge and experience in the Research and Statistics Field DataVision has developed Survey Plaza™, a web-based data collection/entry system which can be shared with relevant stakeholders in real-time as the data is being entered in field.  The system can accommodate multi- global audience at anytime, anywhere.

The Survey Plaza™ is further integrated with mobile devices (notebooks, tablets and smart phones) hence enabling data collection/entry directly even from most remote areas into the local and on-line databases.


Why Survey Plaza™

Data quality, time and cost efficiency
the technology-supported approach improves data quality and time & cost efficiency in data collection and analysis, by simplifying the preparation and implementation of field work, reducing data.

Maximized accuracy
Apps can be developed to look like paper checklists so reporting can be done by an assessor ticking a box with his or her finger or using the keypad to write a quick description. This helps to reduce common data entry transmission mistakes and eliminating manual data entry from paper forms to the database for analysis-thus making results more readily available.

Data synchronization
enables mobile devices to synchronize data automatically with a central database over a wide range of internet connection types, including mobile phone networks, and provide massive scalability for the central database.

Smartphones and tablets support the Global Positioning System (GPS) feature enabling assessors to be located automatically with a great deal of accuracy. This makes it possible to verify the location of the assessor, connect findings to specific locations, and facilitate the visualization of observer data on maps.

Multimedia Integrated
Assessors can use in-built cameras to take photos and document irregularities to correspond with their findings

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