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For all parties to be at ease whenever there is any cash transaction or any sort of changes that can alter the critical state needs high level of transparency. On top of that, with the presence of frauds and money laundering, being able to receive the right information at the right time can effectively control such cases.

Utilizing the ubiquitous nature of mobile phones in the current world, SMS Banking helps to notify parties about any transactions that take place regarding their accounts via GSM mobile devices.

SMS Banking can be used in any institution that involve a high level of transaction and is liable to occurrence of fraudulent activities. Allowing clients to get information about any alterations to their accounts in the right time offers them a room to make instantaneous decisions on cases when there has been an error or theft cases.


SMS Banking is a suitable solution for Banks, Microfinance Institutions, Loaning Organizations, and other institution with a high level of transaction or require instataneous updates on critical issues.


Intuitive and User friendly 
Unique SenderID e.g. Institution Name
Easily Integrated to organizations stand-alone systems
Instataneous alerts to stakeholders



Cutting Costs (Paper-based periodic alerts)
Compatible to all mobile devices (GSM devices)
Mitigates fraudulent activities

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