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SHULE MIS is an application which caters the schools from nursery all the way up to secondary level in addressing administration, financial and daily operational issues. SHULE MIS is designed to handle all the operational processes that happen in secondary schools from the bottom level to the upper level.

With SHULE MIS school managers can have a bird’s view of the overall performance of the school both academically and financially. On top of that SHULE MIS can assist the administration to analyze the schools trend over a period of time.

In situation where the school is located in a remote area where internet connectivity is a problem, SHULE MIS has a stand-alone version which does not require any internet connectivity. Stand-alone SHULE MIS version requires the application to be installed in the local server. Stand-alone SHULE MIS can be used as the normal cloud version.

Our solutions try to exhaust all the possibilities to enhance the technology in helping our clients to make better solutions by been able to analyze situations in a minimal time. For all school needs, SHULE MIS is the right choice and the ultimate full school package for efficient management.



User Friendly and Easy to Use Interface
Multiple User Access/ Privileges
A range of Academic, Managerial and Financial Reports
Offline and Online Access

Easy Bulk Data Importing
Allows student biometric and Card Integration
Multiple School Management Capability



Up to 90% less paper work
Accurate and timely decision making aid for stakeholders
Simplified finance and billing tracking mechanism
Maximum Transaparency
Minimized overheads





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